Marriage of Robert Lock and Maria [no surname]

26 January 1824

NAMES: ROBERT LOCK and MARIA surname not mentioned [sic]

OF THE PARISH: not recorded


BY: Banns

DATE: 26 January 1824

BY ME: not recorded

SOLEMNIZED IN THE: Church of St. John’s Parramatta, New South Wales

TRANSCRIBER’S NOTES: The marriage register for 1824 appears to be missing. The details for this entry have been sourced from the Kerrison James Index, which adds that the bride’s surname was ‘COOK’— the documented pronunciation of the surname ‘COKE,’ as in that of her first husband THOMAS WALKER COKE aka DICKY BENNELONG.


St. John’s Online, (, “Marriage of ROBERT LOCK and MARIA,”, accessed [insert current date].

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