Ellen Bayly (1818–1819)

ELLEN BAYLY was the daughter of NICHOLAS BAYLY and his wife SARAH LAYCOCK. She was born 19 February 1818 and died in infancy, at the age of 10 months and 15 days, on 5 January 1819. She is buried in the BAYLY family vault.

Burial Location

  • BAYLY family vault, Section 3, Row C, No. 17, St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta


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By James Dunk

Abstract: Though he really was, for a time, one of the principal inhabitants of the colony with a good deal of land and money in his hands, Nicholas Bayly was never satisfied, and never successful. Perhaps he was a poor match for the colony. Others seemed to make the most of the freedoms and opportunities of their colonial setting. They took their free land from Aboriginal People, free convict labour, free seed, free stock, free food. They traded astutely, farmed wisely, made money, and built up small and great estates and left much more to their children than they had inherited. But Nicholas Bayly took one wrong turn after another, almost from the outset. And yet he seems worth remembering—not as a successful colonist, a ‘principal inhabitant’ of the settler colony, whatever that might mean, or as a masculinist hero of the rebellion, but as the marked anti-settler of the colony, the one who could not or would not settle. Read more>>



# Born in colony

# Died in infancy

# Burial Year: 1819

# Grave: marked