Hannah Moses (1817–1838)

HANNAH MOSES was born HANNAH THRUM. In 1833, she married ISAAC MOSES, the brother and business partner of convict MOSES MOSES. As such, HANNAH was also the sister-in-law of MOSES MOSES’s wife SARAH MOSES. HANNAH died at Penrith in 1838, aged just 21 years old, and a considerable memorial was erected at her resting place, St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta. In 1841, her sister-in-law SARAH MOSES would be buried at the same cemetery, with a very memorable inscription on her headstone.


  • Birth name: HANNAH THRUM
  • Married name: HANNAH MOSES

Burial Location

  • Section 3, Row H, No. 4, St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta


  • Wife of ISAAC MOSES
  • Sister-in-law of MOSES MOSES
  • Sister-in-law of SARAH MOSES

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For centuries, folk singers have sung cautionary ballads about women who, following seduction, abandonment, betrayal and often shame, died of a broken heart and were buried in their local churchyards. It would seem St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta, is not without its own lovelorn one, for to this list of disconsolate heroines we may add Sarah Moses, whose headstone declares in a clear yet vulgar hand that ‘Sarah, wife of Mr. Moses Moses, formerly of Hobart Town and now of Yass. Died of broken heart from peculiar family trials, April 1st 1841. Aged 47 years.’ Given the long, established folk tradition, Sarah’s epitaph conjures images of the quintessential sheltered gentlewoman who fell victim to a rake and consequently died the most delicate and feminine of deaths. But in this and so many other ways, the epitaph is a stone counternarrative to much of what was said about Sarah in the paper trail left in her wake. Read more >>


# Burial year: 1838

# Grave: marked