John Henry Holland (1867–1867)

JOHN HENRY HOLLAND was the son of publicans JOHN ‘JACK’ HOLLAND and HARRIET HOLLAND (née WATSON). He was born at his parents’ home and business, The Star Inn, Church Street, Parramatta, on 11 October 1867, was baptised at St. John’s Church just opposite the inn on 7 November, but died at the inn on 15 November 1867. He was buried at St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta the following day.

Burial Location

  • Section 1, Row A, No. 15, St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta


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By Michaela Ann Cameron

Abstract: Jack was very in tune with nature. He had seven stars, a sun, a half moon & a flowerpot tattooed on the inside of his arm from his younger days, woke with the birds, took his morning’s walk to Camellia to admire the camellias of Sir William Macarthur’s former gardener & nurseryman, & lovingly tended a few ‘pet plants’ of his own. But every man has his limits. Jack was not a cat person. Indeed, his extreme devotion to his greenery was precisely what precluded even so much as a begrudging acceptance that he must coexist with felinity, all because the neighbouring cats had a terrible habit of scratching up his blooming beauties. One morning, around seven o’clock, Jack found one of his tuberoses ‘smashed.’ ‘There he stood at [his] front door’ of The Star Inn, ‘with the broken flower in one hand, & a double-barrelled gun in the other,’ showing a friend his ‘broken treasure’ & ‘vowing vengeance on the tomcat that had wrought the mischief.’ Spying at that very moment ‘the delinquent cat—or a cat’—Jack took off after it, aimed, & “Bang!”: he blew that cat right out of existence. It was not the first time the Parramatta publican of The Star Inn had shown such extreme inconsistency in his regard for living things. In fact, you could say John ‘Jack’ Holland had more or less lived his whole life with a flower in one hand, & a shotgun in the other. Read more>>



# Born in colony

# Infant

# The Star Inn

# Burial year: 1867

# Grave: marked