Margaret Williams (1811–1858)

MARGARET WILLIAMS was born MARGARET LESLIE in Laggan, Inverness, Scotland, on 24 September 1811. She sailed to the Colony of New South Wales as a free immigrant per St. George (1838), and married convict JOHN WILLIAMS, who went on to become a prominent inn-keeper, and even Parramatta’s first mayor. Together, they had five children. MARGARET passed away at Parramatta, aged just 47 years, after which JOHN remarried and had another five children with his second wife. When MARGARET and JOHN’s son JAMES WILLIAMS died in 1873, he was buried in the same vault as his mother, and when JOHN WILLIAMS passed away in November that year he, too, was interred in the same vault.


  • Birth name: MARGARET LESLIE
  • Married name: MARGARET WILLIAMS

Burial Location

  • Section 1, Row V, No. 7, St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta, New South Wales


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By David Morgan

Abstract: John Williams’s life was a long voyage from convicted smiling pickpocket to respectable citizen. Born ‘John Wilson Isaac,’ he was initially a sailor. Having been caught picking pockets in London, he was transported to New South Wales for fourteen years. Initially working as a baker, he then became a publican, managing a series of hotels in Guruk (Port Macquarie), Cadi (Sydney) and Parramatta, Burramattagal Country. Successful in business, he also became active in the Parramatta community, his efforts crowned by his becoming first Mayor of Parramatta in 1862. Read more>>



# Scottish

# Immigrant

# Came Free

# Ship: St. George (1838)

# Burial year: 1858

# Grave: marked