Mary Magee (1791–1793)

MARY MAGEE was the daughter of First Fleet convicts CHRISTOPHER MAGEE (alias CHARLES WILLIAMS) and ELEANOR McCABE. MARY’s elder brother JAMES MAGEE was the first person ever buried in the Parramatta Burial Ground (St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta), when he died, aged only two months old.

MARY MAGEE drowned with her pregnant mother and convict MARY GREEN when a boat they were in overset on the Parramatta River. Though baby MARY and ELEANOR appear in the St. John’s burial register, neither of them were buried at the cemetery itself. CHRISTOPHER buried ELEANOR, the unborn MAGEE child, and MARY MAGEE metres from his front doorstep on their farm at Camellia, overlooking the Parramatta River. Their lone grave in unconsecrated ground remains in situ to this day.


  • Alternate: MARY MEGEE (c.f. burial record)


  • Born: c. January 1791
  • Baptised: 30 January 1791
  • Died: 18 January 1793, Parramatta River, near Breakfast Point, Port Jackson, Colony of New South Wales
  • Buried: 21 January 1793, Magee Farm, Camellia

Burial Location

  • Buried in a lone, marked grave in the present-day factory at 1 Grand Avenue, Camellia.

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Close-up of E. W. Searle, “Wayside grave of Elinor Magee and two children, Parramatta, New South Wales, ca. 1935,” PIC P838/904a LOC Cold store SEA Box 7. Courtesy of National Library of Australia.



# Child

# Convicts’ Child

# Born in colony

# Burial Place: Camellia

# Burial Year: 1793

# Grave: marked