Richard Greenup (1803–1866)

RICHARD GREENUP was a medical practitioner who worked at the Parramatta Lunatic Asylum (former Parramatta Female Factory, North Parramatta). He was fatally stabbed in the abdomen by one his patients, JAMES CAMERON.


  • Alternate: Dr. RICHARD GREENUP
  • Alternate: Dr. GREENUP
  • Alternate: RICHARD GREENUP, Esq. M.D.
  • Namesake: Greenup Drive, Cumberland Psychiatric Hospital, North Parramatta

Burial Location

  • Section 1, Row K, No. 8C, St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta




# Doctor

# Parramatta Lunatic Asylum

# Murder

# Burial year: 1866

# Grave: marked

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