Thomas Chipp (c.1762–1842)

THOMAS CHIPP is one of St John’s First Fleeters. He came to the Colony of New South Wales as a marine on the First Fleet ship Friendship (1788). CHIPP died at Concord on 3 July 1842, age recorded as 93, and was buried the next day, 4 July 1842, in the parish of St. John’s, Parramatta.


  • Born: West Lavington, Devizes, Wiltshire, c.1762.
  • Enlisted Royal Marine Corps: 1775
  • Private Marine 88th Company served on Warwick: 1780–1783
  • Private Marine served on Plymouth guardship Standard: 1785
  • Private Marine, 42nd Company served on Friendship: 1787–1788
  • Sailed with the First Fleet per Friendship: 13 May 1787
  • Served at Port Jackson in the detachment of WATKIN TENCH: 1788–1791
  • Sailed for Norfolk Island per Atlantic to be a settler: 26 October 1791
  • Settled on 60 acres of land at Cascade Stream, Phillipsburg, Norfolk Island: 28 November 1791
  • Married JANE LANGLEY, convict per Lady Penrhyn (1788): 5 November 1791, Norfolk Island.
  • Returned to Sydney per Daedalus: November 1794
  • Enlisted in 102nd Regiment of Foot, New South Wales Corps: 27 November 1794
  • Received a share with seven others in 200 acres at Mulgrave Place: 5 September 1795.
  • Granted 600 acres with fellow First Fleeter JOHN HAYES: 13 March 1800. Sold it to Major JOSEPH FOVEAUX before it was registered.
  • Discharged from 102nd Regiment of Foot, New South Wales Corps: 26 December 1802
  • Received 100 acre grant at Bankstown: 4 June 1804.
  • Granted 100 acres at Upper Minto: 1 January 1810.
  • Occupation: constable in Sydney district, 1814.
  • Occupation: baker in Sydney district, 1822.
  • Occupation: labourer, Pitt St, Sydney, 1828 (c.f. 1828 Census).
  • Wife, JANE, died: 18 February 1836
  • Died: 3 July 1842, Concord, New South Wales, Australia
  • Buried: 4 July 1842, parish of St. John’s, Parramatta

Burial Location

  • Unmarked grave, location unknown, parish of St. John’s, Parramatta.


  • Spouse of JANE LANGLEY convict per Lady Penrhyn (1788)
  • Parent of ROBERT THOMAS CHIPP (November 1792–November 1792)
  • Parent of ANN CHIPP (November 1793–1854
  • Parent of MARY CHIPP (1795–1838)
  • Parent of WILLIAM CHIPP (1797–1814)
  • Parent of SARAH CHIPP (1800–1861)
  • Parent of SOPHIA CHIPP (1803–1850)
  • Parent of ELIZA CHIPP (1805–1883)
  • Step-parent of HENRIETTA LANGLEY (1787–1828), First Fleeter born on board Lady Penrhyn.


  • Baker
  • Marine
  • Settler
  • Farmer
  • Labourer
  • Police Constable


  • Private Marine, Royal Marine Corps (enlisted 1775)
  • Private Marine, 88th Company, Royal Marine Corps, Warwick, (1780–1783)
  • Private Marine, Plymouth guardship Standard, (1785)
  • Private Marine, 42nd (Plymouth) Company, New South Wales Marine Corps, Friendship, (1786–1791)
  • Private Marine, 102nd Regiment of Foot, New South Wales Corps, (27 November 1794–26 December 1802)

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# First Fleet

# Came Free

# Marine

# Ship: Friendship (1788)

# Burial year: 1842

# Grave: unmarked