Two books were published in the twentieth century primarily to preserve the headstone inscriptions but also to help people locate extant headstones in St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta.

The first was by Parliamentarian, schoolteacher and St. John’s Taphophile Vernon W. E. Goodin, pictured right, and is entitled St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta: Monumental Inscriptions and Key to Graves, (Sydney: Society of Australian Genealogists, 1964). Reference copies are held in the Macquarie University Library, City of Parramatta Local Studies Library, and National Library of Australia.

The Parramatta Cemeteries – St John’s by another St. John’s Taphophile, Judith Dunn OAM, is one of a series of seven books which fully record the epitaphs of extant and/or recorded headstones in each of Parramatta’s historic cemeteries. The St. John’s edition was published in 1991 and limited copies are available for purchase. Click the “ENQUIRE” button to find out how to purchase a copy. Alternatively, click the “TROVE” button to locate a copy in a library nearest to you.

Vernon W. E. Goodin portrait
The Parramatta Cemeteries - St. John's