Murder Tales

Murder Tales tells true crime stories of murder from the parish of St. John’s, Parramatta. The peer-reviewed collection, edited by Dr. Michaela Ann Cameron, features a number of contributors including James Findlay, Catie Gilchrist and Danielle Thyer. Unless otherwise stated below, the essays have been produced with support from the New South Wales Government through a Create NSW Arts and Cultural Grant for the larger collection entitled Old Parramattans.


This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Collection Design, Research Assistance, Editing, Multimedia and PublishingMichaela Ann Cameron.

Peer Reviewers: Special thanks to the peer reviewers who have so generously volunteered their time (but must remain anonymous).

Authors: Michaela Ann Cameron, James Findlay, Catie Gilchrist, and Danielle Thyer.

* My Lord Dunn: A Tragicomedy and The Wrath of a Madman were voluntary contributions, published on this project in early 2016.

Cover Image:[A] McManus [trick photo, holding decapitated head],” Henry William Burgin, Studio Portraits of Parramatta Residents, ca. 1860–1872, PXA 1036 / FL3220238Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales.

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