Female Factory

Browse a list of biographies currently available on the people buried in the parish of St. John’s, Parramatta who were connected in some way to the colonial Female Factories.

If you are looking for St. John’s complete Female Factory Dataset of Factory burials and baptisms, it is hosted on the sister-site The Female Factory Online.

Sarah Bell: Female Factory Matron [Memorial]

Elizabeth Bennett: The Baker’s Wife* [Memorial]

Mary Cavillon: Homemaker, Housebreaker [Memorial]

Nicholas Cavillon: “A Hardened Villain” [Memorial]

‘The Indifferent Characters of Many of the Females’: Mary Leeche and Colonial Controversy in the 1830s

Samuel Marsden: A Contested Life* [Memorial]

“He was a Clever Chiel Geordie, Tae be Only a Weaver”: George Mealmaker [Memorial]

Josephine Mercelin: Convicts, Slaves, and the Global Entanglements of New South Wales and Mauritius*

Sarah Moses: “Tell the World I Died for Love” [Memorial]

D’Arcy Wentworth: A Gentleman Rogue [Memorial]


This mini collection on the Female Factory, designed and edited by Dr. Michaela Ann Cameron, is part of the larger “Old Parramattans” collection supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW and is also licensed to St. John’s Online’s sister site, the Female Factory Online.

Essays marked with an asterisk were voluntary contributions.

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