Dr Jennifer McLaren

DR. JENNIFER McLAREN completed her PhD thesis, Irish Lives in the British Caribbean, in 2018 at Macquarie University where she has also worked as an undergraduate tutor in the Modern History department. For her thesis, Dr. McLaren researched the lives of ten Irish settlers and sojourners in the Caribbean during the Revolutionary era to examine the Irish experience of empire—uncovering stories of slave traders, abolitionists, missionaries, planters and soldiers. She traced the way that the physical spaces the sojourners inhabited, the networks and exchanges they created, and the internal spaces of their ideas and emotions, interacted to provide insights into the world in which they lived, and their experience of empire. Her findings spanned Irish history, British imperial history and the history of the Caribbean. Dr. McLaren’s Masters thesis also examined an aspect of eighteenth-century Irish history—the reception in England and Ireland of news of an imperial naval victory—and was published in a special edition on Transnational Ireland in the Irish studies journal Éire-Ireland.

Dr. McLaren maintains a blog dedicated to her passion for history: https://modhistorymusings.com.


  • “Sarah Bell: Female Factory Matron,” St. John’s Cemetery Project, (2019).
  • “Celebrating the Battle of the Saintes: Imperial News in England and Ireland, 1782,” Éire-Ireland, Vol. 51, No, 1 & 2, (Spring/Summer 2016): 34–60.


  • PhD (History), Macquarie University (2018)
  • MResMacquarie University (2015)
  • BAMacquarie University (2013)
  • LLBUniversity of Western Australia (1992)


  • Australian Historical Association
  • Australian Association for Caribbean Studies
  • Eighteenth-Century Ireland Society
  • Irish Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand
  • Australian and New Zealand Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies


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