Abbie Hartman

St Johns pic 2ABBIE HARTMAN is an interdisciplinary historian of Public and Applied history. Her work focuses on the public’s consumption of history and how the influence of media can shape and change this. She is currently a PhD candidate as well as the Higher Degree Research (HDR) Representative on the Arts HDR Committee at Macquarie University.

Abbie is a dynamic public historian with varied interests and projects including her PhD thesis, ‘When This is All Over and the War is Won They Will Remember Us’: Public History, War and the Power of Memorialisation in Games, and several other projects examining how the general public understands and remembers conflict. Her Masters thesis, ‘In War, Not Everyone is a Soldier’: Using Games to Teach an Empathetic Version of History, completed in 2017, aimed to bridge the interdisciplinary gap between modern history and video game studies.

Abbie was previously a public history intern at Macquarie’s Australian History Museum, for which she received the Faculty of Arts Highest Achiever in a Unit of Study Award.

In 2019, Abbie completed an internship with St. John’s Online. As intern, she applied her expertise in digital history and made a vital contribution as a content developer by profiling individuals buried in the cemetery in the year 1793.


  • Masters of Research Macquarie University (2017)
  • Bachelor of Arts Macquarie University (2015)