0.0.A – Simon Burn Grave

Simon Burn’s grant is highlighted in blue. Parish of Field of Mars, County of Cumberland, Maps/0020 / FL8763286, State Library of New South Wales.

Burial Location

Lost grave (no longer extant), exact location unknown in “a corner” of SIMON BURN’s “Northern Boundary Farm, Field of Mars,” (North Parramatta). The former “Burn Farm” was located on “Lot 38,” which was bordered on the north by Pennant Hills Road, James Macarthur Crescent to the west (Bellevue Street also terminates roughly on the western boundary), and Belmore Street served as the farm’s southern boundary. If Webb Street continued northwards to Pennant Hills Road, it would run closely parallel to the eastern boundary of the Burn allotment. James Ruse Drive cuts diagonally right across what was once Simon Burn’s farm.

Source: David Collins, An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales, Vol. I(The Strand, London: T. Cadell Jun. and W. Davies, 1798), p. 393.

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Parish Register

Burial of SIMON BURN.”


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