R.28.E – Thomas Daveney Memorial

The grave of baby Thomas Daveney (II) is among the oldest in the cemetery and in Australia. His father, Convict Superintendent Thomas Daveney (I), whose exact resting place in the cemetery is unknown, may also be buried here or nearby, especially since the Daveney grave lies right next to that of another Convict Superintendent: Henry Dodd, who has the oldest surviving European grave with headstone in situ in Australia. Michaela Ann Cameron, “Thomas Daveney [II] Memorial (R.28.E), St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta,” St. John’s Online (2019), (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) © Michaela Ann Cameron.

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Burial of THOMAS DAPHNEY [II]” [sic].

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David Morgan, “Thomas Daveney (I): The Tyrant of Toongabbie,” St. John’s Online (2020).


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