0.1.A – Eleanor McCabe aka Eleanor Magee and Mary Magee Memorial

Eleanor Magee grave, Elinor Magee, Eleanor McCabe, Mary Magee, St. John's Cemetery Project, First Fleet, First Fleeter, Camellia, Parramatta, Old Parramattan
Close-up of E. W. Searle, “Wayside grave of Elinor Magee and two children, Parramatta, New South Wales, ca. 1935,” PIC P838/904a LOC Cold store SEA Box 7, http://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-141920104, retrieved 5 April 2019. Courtesy of National Library of Australia.

Burial Location


The (erroneous) 1920s transcription made from the original headstone.

Here lyeth the body of the much lamented

ELINOR MAGEE, and her beloved infant,

IAN MAGEE [sic: MARY MAGEE], who were unfortunately drowned

in returning from Sydney, January, 1793.

The unhappy off-spring of an affectionate

father was two years old, and its mother

in 32nd year of her age.

Forbear, kind husband, weep no more, ’tis vain

Who … folks complain [sic: When heav’n decrees, ’tis folly to complain]

A most loved wife and babe are laid,

Who, bound from Sydney sunk below the wave

Reaching the home beyond the narrow grave

Thither the hapless husband oft shall roam,

To drop the willing tear upon the tomb,

And strive to deprecate their closing breath.

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Parish Register


Burial of MARY MEGEE [sic: MARY MAGEE].”

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Michaela Ann Cameron, “The ‘Wretched,’ ‘Rascally’ and ‘Depraved’ Magees and the Story of St. John’s First Burial,” St. John’s Online, (2019).


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